• Kaylee Parsons


When I found a couple of large, framed, vintage paintings at the thrift store I knew that I had to have them... Even if I didn't necessarily like the existing artwork. With little to no painting experience I was determined to recreate something I liked. Custom artwork is expensive. So, why not create my own?

I went back and forth on what to paint for weeks, and then one day decided to paint Big. Of course. He's my pride and joy, right? I truthfully had no idea where to begin... so I just got started.

With the background painted sage green, I quickly sketched a general idea for placement onto the canvas and then I began layering paint. A LOT OF PAINT.

I wish I could give more insight into the process... But I don't even think I know what I did. All I know is that I am extremely happy with the outcome!

I can't wait to continue to improve and push myself in painting. This has become such a fun outlet that gets me off of my laptop! Don't get me wrong, I still love graphic design... But it's nice to get my hands dirty and get off the screen while still allowing myself to be creative!

I am still overwhelmed with all of the support I got from this project. Who's pet do you think I am painting next?

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